Fund of Funds Custody Solutions

Fund of Funds Custody Solutions

BDF Bank & Trust Ltd ( BDF Bank) provides clients with a comprehensive Fund of Funds custody solution through a global network of relationships with top tier transfer agents and fund administrators.

By separating the fund administration and fund custody function we help clients to reduce operational risk and build a more attractive fund offering for prospective investors.

Comprehensive Administrative Services

BDF Bank helps clients reduce the administrative burden by providing a full-service solution which includes:

  • Expedited subscription processing (via BDF Bank’s established administrator network)
  • Custody of underlying assets
  • Trade execution subscriptions/redemptions
  • Completion of any related documentation required by administrators
  • Processing of any corporate actions
  • Processing crystallization of equalization shares.

By leveraging our in-depth expertise and experience we offer robust custody reconciliation policies and procedures to our clients, ensuring any static data sustained on behalf of the client is accurate by cross referencing and validating against the Funds’ offering memorandum and prospectuses.

In addition, our clients have access to the BDF Bank Online Custody Portal where they can access summaries and detailed records of all transactions executed on behalf of the fund, as well as holdings reports.